power failure

Peoples of the renoise forum, i think i broke my song.

is it still possible to extract some data from a corrupted xrns file (i am thinking of sample material) or is this completely impossible? help :ph34r:

dblue is known to work wonders.

Rename yoursong.xrns to yoursong.zip. Seek a zipfix tool on google and try to make it fix the zipfile, then rename back to .xrns and see if you can reload it. You will find out soon which samples are corrupted.
For the next time, use the autobackup feature, it will save you from more headaches then just a powersurge during saving:

aight, thanks for the tip. I tried to recover the zip, renamed it in linux and transferred it to my win7 machine, but there was nothing left to salvage. To bad :blink: over the years I thought myself to save regularly but I never used a backup file. achja, al doende leert men ;)

Well, you’re not the first and you sadly won’t be the last either…
Perhaps we should sticky every case :ph34r:/>

Get Winrar and or 7Zip
See if you can extract data from the .xrns (which is actually a .zip)

If he can manage to salvage the song.xml from it, he would at least still have the note-data and all the plugin parameters.
The samples he would then have to read. I suspect these all went to waste.

Another location where you might be able to find the good version of your song is in the application data its temp folder -> Renoise first saves the song to a temporary folder and when it verifies okay is then being copied to the final target location where you intended to save the song, so you may be in luck that a fully intact temp file is still there.
However where the temp folder is differs on each platform, but it is in the system temp folder where applications get their momentary space.