Powercore V Station And Automation

when i begin use automation device (Renoise 2.6) for Powercore VSTATION with any parameters, cpu load over 50-60% (AMD x2 5200+) if iam not use automation cpu load around 6-9%, iam check in cubase sx5, all working fine with cpu load not over 10%.
for example powercore virus working fine with automation device

anybody have tc powercore with v station plugin?

I don’t own a Powercore, but I do own the standard VSTi version of Novation V-Station, and I can tell you that it performs normally for me on an old Intel Pentium M 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM, running Windows XP Pro SP3. I don’t get any nasty CPU spikes when I automate parameters.

I have standart version too and he working fine,
iam choose another way: use velocity device for automation parameters…its very strange but all working fine, if iam use only automation device cpu overload 70-80%.(