Praise For The Renoise Effects Section

I’ve largely ignored the included effects in Renoise until just recently, and I must say I’m blown away at their quality and usefullness!
Up until now I’ve largely relied on my Reaktor ensembles for effects + some other VST’s, but the discovery of the native effects in Renoise came
as a breath of fresh air. These will be my first choice from now on. Great job, folks! :D

Yes, the native devices are great. I never use VST effects

Another a BIG plus (at least for me), is the fact that the native effects don’t use much of the computers resources.
I hope the devs will continue to develop this section of Renoise.

word, good, functional & stable.

Don’t sure if the new multitap device emulates dub delay. But for all the other things, I also use 100% Renoise native effects. I don’t get those standards of studio quality stuff. For virtual effects, the native effects are all good. All the other are mainly snob stuff.

Yes, the Renoise FX are pretty good, although a natural sounding reverb would also be nice.

I realized the internal reverb is pretty damn sweet yesterday (not the mpreverb). I’ve always thought I couldn’t use it, not sure why. Glad I tried it again, it sounds better than the 2 commersial reverb vst’s i’ve got

Mpreverb is really nice with signal follower routed to wet mix, couse of wet mix is actually works as a send )

I do agree internal fx are sweet. I am using them in every song. Some time ago I argued with people here that we don’t need an internal IR reverb. After so,e workinghours with NI Reflektor I changed my mind. Having it’s IR’s and native IR convolver would be just great. 3.0 maybe?

I guess the native reverbs are nice when used as unusual special effects, but for “normal” reverb use (vocals, drums, instruments) they sound very metal-like.

First, let me say that the native effects in Renoise are great! :yeah:
But I think the reverb could be better. “Ambience” is my first choise for reverb. Here is a link if someone like try it. It’s freeware.

Think you will hear a difference…

Thanks for link, will test it

I also (more or less) only use the native effects.
I think they are good (can’t really complain) and I don’t have to install a bunch of VST plugins if I re-install the machine etc.
No annoying popups that this and that effect is missing :)

The only VST effect I use often is Glaceverb, reverb is pretty tricky to get right and Glaceverb isn’t always right either.
The only reverb/s I’ve heard that really get it right (especially long/un-natural reverbs) are the reverbs from Eventide.
Will be getting the Space soon, I think, since $4-5k isn’t within budget for the larger cousins :)