Pre-Counting Before Live-Recording

I don’t know if a lot of you record live with a midi keyboard…
I would like a pre-count when I want to do this.
I know I can already do that if I put an empty pattern before the pattern I want to record… but…

An alternative could be to record immediately when you push a key on your midi-keyboard

it would indeed be very helpful, and has been requested several times




Yes, we need punch-in.

And a way of doing multiple takes.

All things that get suggested fairly often and hopefully we will see sorted in the not too distant future.

This would be great. As of now it can be a bit awkward when recording notes.

YES Please! Recording Pre count in Renoise, would be a dream come true.

There definitely needs to be a metronome pre-count option in Renoise .


Yes pre-count! +1 from me!
(and yes we all know the workarounds)

this sounds like the sort of thing that scripting should be able to sort out pretty quickly; even if it isn’t included in next release

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I usually loop the patterns I want to play live into and start the recording at the last pattern or so. This works pretty well, but a real count-in would be great! Also, support for multiple takes would be cool (optionally get a save or discard dialog when recording stops).

Multiple takes (duplicates of the looped section created until you stop recording, or something similar) so you can choose the best one and erase the rest would also be a lovely addition.

ye! usually the third+ take will be a good one for me.

maybe it’s needless to say, but i’m doing it anyway:
nimitz wrote a script for that, called preclick.
doesn’t have that “multiple take” function, but it’s pre-counting… :)

and it works really nicely

Looks great !
thx :)