Pre-Tracker Computer Music

Well this is just awesome… you don’t need a tracker or DAW to make computer music!

Awesome! I remember doing similar stupid things with line printers (until we got told off for wasting paper).

I’m pleased to see an Atari (can’t tell if it’s a 400XL or 800XL) instead of a C64 – sure, you could argue that the POKEY was inferior to the SID on paper and it couldn’t compete for filters and modulation and what have you, but it had a few neat tricks up its sleeve and in the right hands it can do some amazing things (especially if you have a dual-POKEY machine); to my ears it just sounds more “chip” (if that makes any sense).

+1 :yeah:

I also noticed another video doing the Bohemian rapsody (The chords the scanner engine produces at the start is definately not realtime and remixed).
Nevertheless fun to watch though and a lot of work to do.

May i suggest some better convicing video’s like this one?:

my favorite is this one:


A friend of mine sent me a link to this one a while back:

Absolutely beautiful. I think the scanner bass is my favorite :)