Preferences Define Send-device Settings

itd be really nice to be able to define that the send-device setting, say, starts at nothing-sent-to-send, and “keep source”, instead of FULL VOLUME and MUTE SOURCE.
this can gte a bit dangerous sometimes. so to be able to configure it would be very nice, right?


Everyone knows that starting from mute is the way to protect ones hearing organs.

well even being able to set a preference in the preferences to have the send always default to “keeporiginal” and “voolume at nothing” would help… i think

I think we should instead allow to define a custom “Init” preset which every device starts with. This could be done by adding an option “Save as ‘init’ preset” in the preset FX dialog thing and would then work for every FX, including VSTs/AUs.

Sounds good.

this would totally be the best thing. especially if i can define that a specific plugin loads in “dont disable automatically” mode. theres a name for it i know but you know it better.