Preferences-> Keys Keybind? + Keys Change

hi. could you offer a key-bind for popping up the Preferences->Keys window? I think it’d be lovely :) also, if the cursorfocus/typefocus could be on Search-bar in it, that would be brilliant.

A second question is, how do i open up all the Keycommands within the keycommand-editor, there’s triangles next to all dropdown text stuff but i can’t seem to find how to open all of them, and how to close all of them. i think that’d be nice

p.s. i would make this a screenset (cursor-focus on search, preferences-window open), but i can’t, thats why im asking here

Preference always opens with last open Tab open, so if Keys was open when you closed it then it will open on the Key-binging window when you nit Ctrl + , (comma.)

No idea why you can’t Print Screen. I can.

No “triangles” but the usual plus (+) and minus (-) signs you have to expand and collapse menus in most programs and they work as expected.

EDIT: I’m on WinXP, don’t know your system.

print screen wasn’t the point at all. it was more to be able to open all the +'s and later be able to close all the +'s off. printscreen isnt quite the same, its not accessing them directly, its opening a browser to show a .xml file that shows them.

Unfolding the tree and collapsing the tree you probably mean?

Kazakore aimed for the “prtScrn” key on your keyboard to make a screenshot, i have the idea you refer to the “Print” button in the preferences that opens the key-assignments in your browser.

Kazakore specifically responded to this remark you made:

Anyway, if you use the search-feature, Renoise should unfold all trees that include your phrase, that is one way to “open them all”
There is no way close them all currently.
So search more specific, this narrows down the list with options.

surely open-them-all and close-them-all should be there…

Yes, the idea is a better improvement of what currently is indeed. No argument against it.

Hi, When I was talking of screensets, i definitely meant screensets and not screenshots. I just tried to save a screenset in Renoise where the Preferences->Keys -window would be open, but when I recalled the screenset, the window was no longer open. So I guess these windows (Preferences & Sample Recorder) are separate from screensets - when it would be quite nice to have them saved in the screenset of your choice.

Officially they are called View Presets.

OK so the Global View Presets instead of Screensets.