Preserve Pitch Option

Probably not so easy to emplement, but here is suggestion:

Preserve Pitch option in sample options.
When enabled - different notes in pattern editor plays back sample with different speed but with original pitch.
When Sync to Tempo option enabled - instrumental loops will be played with original pitch and your current BPM speed !

Moreover - when you using 0100, 0200 or 0500 commands - sample playback speed changes correspondingly but with original pich preserved!
Then it’s possible to do some sort of original sound effects etc. For example imagine looped speech sample. It starts with very fast speed and slows down to normal speed then to sloweeeddd dowwwnnn. :)
You can invent more uses for this option.

What do you think about it ?

Time-Stretching essentially.

Yep, this would be great. This is one reason that I am ever-so slightly tempted to install Kontakt (I dont want to, as I am a firm believer in the less is more approach, but currently Renoise cant do this, so I may have to)

+1, but I don’t think such a feature would be implemented in close future… There are more essential needs in sample editor for now.