Preset Question

Ok it may seem like a petty thing to ask, but it’s beginning to bug me.
How do you return a preset to it’s default unlit state?

this is quite a strange question :huh:

search for config.xml on your HD
(Windows2000+ users have it under
[UserDir] - Application Data - ReNoise - 1.5)

and search for this string:
Property name=“mSelectedNodeName”

if you remove the content of the value=“removethis”, the setting will be deleted.

I understand that this is quite tricky, but your question is really strange, and nobody thought there could have been the need for such a function

It’s alright. I think I may have forgotten to take my medication. :blink:

That’s beautiful. I didn’t realise a piece of software could bring me quite this amount of contentment.

For those of you who want to try this at home you might try inserting a “0” to replace what you deleted. Worked for me.