Pretty Please!

So I got my macbook pro today, and have the 1.5.3 demo installed, and everything is great- except I want to use my asio drivers that my soundcard supports, and I want to be able to render- could the devs please please please release a non restricted version (not a demo) in backstage??? I have paid for renoise and am a registered user, but i’d be willing to pay AGAIN just to have a copy of the mactel renoise without restrictions- I don’t know why you put a demo out to public but nothing for full beta testing in backstage for paying costumers??

1.5.3 demo? where is that? backstage? :blink:

There is no 1.53. 1.52 is the latest…

There is a 1.5.3 version for the Intel macs. The version numbering does not indicate a newer version but was done after I tested the first 1.5.2 builds that didn’t work. So it is only to tell them apart.

I’ve seen a 1.53 executable somewhere (and exes don’t run on Mac) but afaik this only contains a real minor bugfixes, most bugfixes are really for the Mac.
I would just not really expect anything from it (other than it just tells you it is 1.5.3).
If it would be a major and worthfull change, it would have been released in public.

*Link Removed *
Renoise 1.5.3 for Intel Macs Alpha/Beta[/URL] just for completeness.

vvoois:please don’t publish anything without prior permission. public downloads are bound to restriction of getting it through a stats-script. (to prevent deeplinking from anywhere else besides

Anyone wanting to test the Mac version please contact anybody of the Renoise (dev) team.

is this just for the g5 intel macs or is it also have fixes to g4 osx macs?

If it is the same link he gave me for the demo that you removed- it has already been posted and is still posted by a dev (taktik)……tel%20mac&st=25

I really hope they post a version without demo limitations in backstage area for paying users (asap)- I have been using the demo and everything seems fine and sounjds great, so I think they should launch a non demo-restricted version for paying costumers to test as I have sold my PC and am now on an intel mac with a demo. Kinda sucks. Just being a squeeky wheel till I get my oil!

TakTik did publish that link on the board as a direct link so I was under the impression it was public.


It’s an universal binary… this version does not fix anything but has been made to see if it will run on the Intel Mac as it does on de PPC machines. No new features no bug fixes or whatsoever just tested to run properly.

just kidding Rick, i figured it was compiled just for the intel version, but i had no idea there could be an universal binary for both!

So no devs are going to at least respond? I mean I can understand if you guys are just going to do it (release universal version) with 1.6, but a reply would be highly appreciated. I know you huys are busy… and I know I’m kind of in a minority of people and you allready have my money, but I’m sure there are alot of people out there who are just itching to get working with just about anything they can find to run on their new macs. Not trying to be a pest… but I can’t help it, I haven’t touched renoise since switching over and I am itching to get some work done. ANY responce from a dev reguarding this issue and it’s release (whether beta or not- but a non demo restricted version) like I said would be huge! Thanks and optimisticaly waiting for an answer.

Do you still have the related topic?
i can’t find it as he didn’t made it sticky or the topic title doesn’t reveals it.
Usually file-links upon this board can be traced on google and i couldn’t find it there either (fortunately).…tel%20mac&st=25

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Great, so folks can find the link there.

Sorry for being so choppy, but this is due to the download policy i got noticed about regarding the structure of the download page (made a mistake by offering direct downloads around a stats script).
And yeah:Taktik can do what he wants. (I personally would have spread the link through email)

I’m bumping this shit…

yo Louis i sense your getting aggravated with this,

i know this has gotta be killing you not being able to use renoise with your new system, i would also be anxious as f**** also!

afaik there is only 1 of the devs that do the osx version.
whether or not he actually has an intellian is unknown to me,
you can believe who ever is got the mactel is mos def working on it. if they even have one!

but since all of this is a “pass-time” for them, it does alot more harm to get upset when they do not respond to threads. 45 bucks a reg isnt enough for even one of them to survive, so they have jobs for their primary income, more than likely most of the income from this project goes to updated machines for them to develop on. (since this is underground style, practically homebrew. they do not have the luxury of big corporate cubes full of drones. :) )

maybe instead of waiting for a reply to this thread just email Taktik?
i know for a fact he will answer you, it might not be what you wanted to hear tho. adhearing to a timeline is a bitch, especially when you cant work on something all the time. if your lucky maybe he actually could give you some kind of timeline or an estimate.

btw you may have tried this but, theres a way you can run g4 renoise with rosetta init?

for real tho.
take it from me, i use to be the resident total asshole. :D
if you went back an read some of my early posts, you could end up disgusted with them. i was highly illogical and saw the world through a set of crimson eyes. shortly thereafter i developed interest in programming an my views of this have changed dramatically, i understand the struggle they have now.

Louis dude i’m in the same position too. I got a lovely 2.0ghz macbook and have no music software. Its really frustrating but we are gonna have to wait it out!