Preview Tune

Hi everybody. I’m just going to state right now that I’m a huge newbie to Renoise and trackers in general. Oh, that and I’m 16, so brace for suck whenever I post something.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Just don’t hate 'cause it’s not finished, this thing took a freaking eternity to make despite its length. And please don’t mention the volume - I despise the loudness war and will destroy any and all clipping within my recordings when possible, through whatever means possible.

I guess this was inspired by The Flashbulb. And Squarepusher. And maybe some other guy, so credit to them for their creativity and my rip-off skills.

You shouldn’t be that subtle about your music, man. I like this. Sounds awesome!


Not exactly my cup of tea but it’s pretty good stuff man. It doesn’t suck at all.

Maybe a bit too much reverb?

Also this makes me feel old. When I was 16 I had to use the 66 MHz family PC with walkman earbuds running FastTrackerII in mono* :D

  • = Or stereo at 22100 Hz

PS. Here’s some crap I made when I was 16. (1997)

Good stuff :)

dude… this is very cool stuff haha!

You should not be so modest, this is great stuff! Keep up the good work ;)

Wow, hey, thanks a ton for the feedback!

On the topic of reverb though - about half a year ago I first tried to make some really basic songs in Renoise and decided to show them to some friends. They absolutely sucked of course, and the initial response from anyone who did bother to listen was exactly what datassette’s was in that there was “too much reverb”. This track, though, doesn’t have a single bit of reverb - just some delay added to the high frequencies to boost the hyperness factor. Stupid Soundcloud compression, messing up all my songs.

And on another note, self-depreciation is awesome, it really makes you strive to do better in your future endeavors.

wise words for a 16 year old! :blink:

Its a good track!
You made use of the new Multiband Send Device for that? (delay to high frequencies)
And I have to differ, I think self-depreciation is far away from awesome, force of Will, perseverance and push your limits is awesome!

Really nice sound. Keep it up man :guitar:

(Y) really good stuff!

Very good.

I just found the final fade out unnecessary. Apart from that, great!

Instant love :w00t:
Most of the time I have some difficulties to follow the song structure of this high level of stroboscopic granularity.
This time it’s different.
Probably because of the delays in the high notes.
Delays make the song “easier” to understand.
I know that it allready represents hours of hard work for now,
but this track is too short !