Previewing slices in the Sampler!

Hello, people!

I’ve been producing music for a while but haven’t used a tracker since I started out about 20 years ago (in MadTracker). Fun times, but anyway - I’ve been looking up how to chop breaks in Renoise in hope of learning breakcore/jungle production techniques, and it didn’t take long before I saw something I wasn’t able to follow along with…

Specifically, the awesome Bizzy B (in this video) is teaching how to chop a break, and while doing that he seems to be able to use his MIDI or computer keyboard to preview slices in the Sampler while staying in the main window of the Sampler where all the slices are visible - for example at 3:30 in the video. When I try to do that, the window changes to show just the slice I’m previewing, and I can’t seem to get that nice overview where I can both edit the start point at the slice and play it at the same time.

Any idea what I might do wrong?


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The icon on the top right, left to the “EDIT” button, controls if samples should be auto-selected:
When enabled, a sample from the list will be automatically selected when it is played on the keyboard or by MIDI.


Oh, wow - thank you very much!

EDIT: I’ll read the manual more before asking the next one.

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