Previous song invisibly loads and plays through every other song

AV Linux 6.02

I wrote a little tune in Renoise3 tonight, then closed Renoise. I then thought “weird, I don’t think I saved that”. So I opened Renoise up again, and weirdly, it was still there, but I couldn’t see it.

So I loaded up one of the demo tunes, and it played, but with my tune playing over the top, invisibly.

I shut it down and opened it again and it was the same…

Oh hang on…

Since rebooting, it’s gone. I realise that I must have had two instances of R3 running (one must have been still running in the background, although I’m ‘sure’ it wasn’t…)

So when I played the new song, the old one played too.

I didn’t realise you could run Renoise multiple times and they would all work together, that’s pretty handy. Unless it’s a bug.

LOL. I hope it’s a feature!

If Linux is anything like OSX you can spawn multiple instances from the command line? Not a Linux expert myself, but this topic might help: