Prg Change Doesn`t Work

Please point me in the right direction (or to the topic - I know it has been discussed somewhere earlier). 92 doesn`t give result using qm raven.

Is the instrument highlighted that you want to change?

err…sorry I´m probably to stupid. What does it mean to highlight an instrument? I just switched the midi to on chose the corresponding midi driver and inserted the notes and a midi cc device. Does it mean I`ve to mark the notes in a special way?

perhaps my posting was a bit misunderstandable.

I didn`t mean the overall programm change which works - but to change the program change within the song.

What equipment are you using? I’m not a midi guru but I do know that program changes are entered differently for different pieces of equipment. I have a yamaha rm1x and the program changes are entered with an MSB-LSB kind of construction. I haven’t yet figured out how to make program changes in renoise for that device… But that doesnt matter cause i’ll change it on the device itself.
Do you have the documentation for your midi-device? If so, it probably says which cc number (and how it is entered) corresponds to the program change… Otherwise try searching the internet.


[edit] For changing it during the song try and find the corresponding cc value for the device.