printing sample to whole song, & start point

Forgive me if these questions have already been asked, these are the only questions I can’t find the answers to

1. Does anyone know how to ‘print’ a sample to the whole song? Would like to hear a sample from any point in the song rather than only being able to hear the sample from playing the track from its C-400 note placed at the very beginning of the pattern.

Specifically trying to do this when importing recorded backing tracks i’ve made in logic (guitar and bass etc)and then bouncing out to Renoise for adding drum beaks to.

Currently finding myself having to cut up my recorded backing tracks from logic into the length of each pattern in Renoise just so I can hear the recorded backing track sample play from the start of each pattern. I notice some of the demo songs in Renoise have samples that are able to be played from any point in the pattern/song which is what i’m trying to do.

2. Also having trouble with recording say, guitar into Renoise as it’s unclear how to see where I started playing in relation to the start of the pattern. Right now i’m having to go back into the sample and guessing where I played by placing a sample marker to where I think I played in relation to the start of the pattern, but would like know if theres a way to just record straight onto the track in the pattern?

Any help is much appreciated,



  1. In sample options tick “autoseek”.
  1. In Sample Recorder dialog, set “Sync start & stop” from None to Pattern.

I usually use this in two ways:

  • I clikc Start recording and then play song, so then recording and song starts at the same time. You can also enable “Metronome Precount” from Options menu, to hear some clicks before recording starts.

  • Other way is to first start playing song from one pattern before the desired recording point, and if you now click Start recording in the middle of the pattern, recording will start in the beginning of the next pattern.