Printing The Pattern

Can I print the pattern somehow?

hmm I don’t think so, at the moment. This is a feature I always wanted (with “always” I mean: since… hmm… FastTracker 1, maybe).

Since the RNS format is based on XML, anyway, this could be a nice tool to be developed by a thirdy part in the future

And in Protracker B)

:dribble: :eek:

I’m going to join I.T. team immediately!

Bye bye ReNoise team!!


How about exporting to Midi and printing it in a midi transcription? Can that be done or am I gonna have to print screenshots?

you could export to MIDI by converting samples/VSTi/whatever to MIDI instruments and sending MIDI out to a MIDI sequencer.

I don’t know how accurate the results could be, anyway.

Uhm, no it’s not.

And MIDI export didn’t make it into 1.5, so there’s no way to print now.

There is one way. Screengrab and print :P :rolleyes: :D

How would I do that?

Hmmz… didn’t this had something to do with setting Renoise as a master device and setting any other midi-sequencer as slave?

To replace every vsti-instrument with a MIDI instrument, just choose a midi-instrument instead (one that sounds alike or just any other if you only care for the notes to be printed) and assign it to a channel.