Prize contest winner (found a new name for the ChordLord tool)

You can win!


To have the name you entered to win! as the new tool name.

the current name for now… is MoreChordGun. But I want that to change.

The tool is a derivative of ChordGun by @pandabot which is a derivative of ScaleFinder by @Suva .

The winner gets their entered name for the tool as the tool name.

It has to be good, descriptive, welcoming, funny, alright.

Enter your name for the tool below to join the competition.

It features many updates… see

to download and install and jam around with the tool.

“King of the Chords”


Congratulations you have won! ChordLord!


ChordLord is pretty good. Congrats! @Neuro_No_Neuro

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