Pro sounds that can be used in Linux

Hello all,

Subject line basically says it all: are there any pro sounds (I’m thinking .xrni files and commercial $) that can be used in Linux ?


Subject won’t say it all. “Sounds” is too vague, you mean samples, or synthesizer plug-ins?

As for synths/vst’s the situation of native commercial plugins is basically that they’re rare.

As for samples, I’m not aware of commercial .xrni collections. If there were some, they’d work in linux renoise just like in windows.

If you buy sample-cd’s with lots of “sounds” baked to them, take care what format the samples are in. For most sample formats, you’ll need a software that will load/convert them for you, but they’re not bound to any operating system per se. Obviously, .wav or .flac or similiar pure sound samples are no-brainer, just load them into renoise and create instruments from. Other formats (like gigasampler, soundfonts) would need to be loaded into a sampler plug-in, or extracted with a capable editor or the like to be loaded into renoise & rebuilt into an .xrni. Cool would be tools to autoconvert sampler patches to native renoise instruments! If you have your samples in a format that no linux tool can load & extract and such, you’re basically bummed and can’t use the samples. But this is also true for windows, it you don’t own a software that understands the specific format. So take care what you buy!