Pro Tools Experiences

During the Alpha testing, there were some problems testing Pro Tools, as DigiDesign does not offer a demo edition of their latest version.
We know that Pro Tools 7.4 (of which version a trail edition exists) does not work out too well.

We are interested in experiences from Pro Tools owners ->
-Which version you have (x.x LE, HD, etc),
-what does work ,
-what does not work
-could you find workarounds to fix things? Or did you had to consult the Pro Tools manual to figure out specific ways that could be falsely interpreted?

In this way we want to gather knowledge of the limitations, yet perhaps you as Pro tools user might also be able to help a fellow Pro Tools user.

Well, it works as described in our compatibility list, which is not perfect, but usable:

  • Tempo can only be set in Protools
  • All transport controls except Start/Stop (Repositioning, Loops, …) can only be set in Renoise while the playback is stopped.

Please see…son-in-protools for a guide on how to use ReWire slaves in Pro tools. Simply exchange Reason with Renoise and leave out the MIDI part…

ok, ive just checked simple scenario with protools 7.3.1 There is no problem with loading renoise as rewire slave, routing and recording/multichannel recording. With pdc on - it eats first notes.
Will check it with effects and automatition

edit: its 7.3.1 LE

PDC currently is something that ReWire does not support. -> If Renoise compensates a 4ms delay, the other host should also know that there is a 4ms delay. However There is no way to tell the other host that Renoise is buffering 4ms before it actually starts.

Renoise compensates delay for ReWire, yet only if you use the transport controls in Renoise (because Renoise then knows which moment to trigger the other host and from which position it should start).
Specially if Renoise is the slave, Renoise its PDC engine might work on your nerves…

4 ms is not a problem for me, it`s still much better dealing with Reaper thru rewire then before with midi yoke.
Enyway, i will check new 2.1b2 with my protools 7.3.1 (pc only), i have also acces to protools 8 in my friend place, i need few days to check pt8

thank`s again

As it should be–the main reason to have this feature is so Renoise can follow Pro Tools, not the other way around :)

I’ve started to test Renoise with Pro Tools 8 LE. So far it seems to work fine–syncs up nicely to Pro Tools, correct tempo, etc. I’ll have to work on this some more but it’s definitely useable.

Confirm, ive tested it in my friends place. Btw - he told me also, that renoise with rewire will become cheapest way to rtas>vst bridge (if it will be shareware feature, but i doubt)

it doesnt work for me in pro tools 8 cs2… renoise stops loading at “creating new song”
Dont know why…

Ah, now it works.
disabled hyperthreading in my bios settings, and it worked…