Probably Stupid Effects Question

hey guys. downloaded the demo yesterday. hardly scratched the surface but i’m already very addicted!
quick problem i’m having, when I choose say track 00, i go to the Track DSP panel down the bottom and double click say the “Delay” effect, which does get moved onto the track dsp pallette but for some reason the effect also gets applied to all the other tracks.
can’t seem to figure this one out :S
tried reading some of the manual stuff but I think i’m missing something pretty obvious ;)

thanks, have a great day!

It sounds like you use a single VSTI instrument across multiple tracks.
If effects are applied to a VST instrument, the whole audio-stream of that plugin is affected by it. It doesn’t matter wether you use an alias (subinstrument extraction of the same instrument session) or not.
The only way to separate those audio streams is to add another instance of the same plugin using the same instrument (yeah i know a waste of memory and resources but that’s the general crappy thing with VST)

The DSP effects should not affect other tracks when you use samples in the internal instrument structure of Renoise and reuse that instrument on multiple tracks.

Are you sure you didnt insert it on master channel? ;)