Problem: Cut a VSTi Note in the mid of the Pattern

I have done a video to explain what im saying in this topic:

DOUBT IN A PICTURE:…e4ceb4c.jpg?v=0

I CAN CUT A WAV SAMPLE LENGHT (track 02 in the video or picture) but my problem is that i want to know HOW TO cut a the lenght of a MIDI INSTRUMENT VST sound (a z3ta preset sound for example)

Any idea . I DONT WANT AN EXTERNAL EDITION. I want to cut the lenght manually (like a tracker edition :D )
Any other way ? THANKS VERY MUCH ;)

Try to put a note-off on that spot instead (press caps-lock key).

000 | C-500.. ---- |   
 001 | --- .. ---- |   
 002 | --- .. ---- |   
 003 | --- .. ---- |   
 004 | OFF .. ---- |   

Or if that does not work out, add a note-cut command in the volume or panning column instead of putting a 01 there:

008 | C-500.. ---- |   
 009 | --- .. ---- |   
 010 | --- .. ---- |   
 011 | --- .. ---- |   
 012 | --- F1 ---- |   

If you add a 01 without adding an instrument number, the VST instrument will not receive the velocity command. Only the subaudio channel gets an order to to lower its volume for the current playing audio.
This works for internal instruments but not for VST or MIDI instruments.

How fast or how slow an instrument gets cut solely depends on how high the sustain value of that instrument inside the VST has been programmed. There is nothing Renoise (or any other host) can do to influence that without you either manually fix that value inside the VST, or you send a MIDI CC signal to the VST instrument and temporary change the sustain value through the effect column, or you use the MIDI CC device or Automation Device to control those VST plugin parameters.

hahaaaa!! Amazing answer. You have solved my problem ! Thanks very much! I hope make something for you someday, i will remember you. If you come to canary islands in hollydays tell to me and you will be a special guest in my house.

canary islands? which one??? :dribble: