Problem Group Solo

Hello, I have a problem! I create a track group (group 3 in my tracks kick snare bass) when I activate the solo button on the track no problem group tracks in the group that put in solo, but the problem is when I turn off Solo button on the track group, the three tracks of the group remains solo! how to fix this? thank you

Yeah this is one of the strange behaviours of the new Solo/Mute modes. Only way I’ve found to not get exasperated by it is to try and remember to use the Solo button on the Master track when you want to bring everything back…

You can also try going to the old Solo method. Options (menu bar) -> Solo Mode -> Mute Others and see if you like this. Has a few different peculiarities though.

:yeah: kazakor thank you! that’s what I wanted! it is clear that bizarre behavior in single player (remenbers mute states) may be a bug in Renoise?