Problem Here ! Need Help Plz!

Hi , I’ve bought an Microkorg , and I decided to linked it to my PC and to renoise with a MIDI/USB cable (midi to usb). In fact , what a wanna do is to contol my instruments with my microkorg , and perhaps modificate the sound of my intruments through my microkorg.
Ok, its quit easy… but what happens its that no sound come out when I play with the microkorg , I still need to play with my PC keyboard … I’ve done everything well in the preferences , but nothings works…
Can anyone help me here ?? Is it because my PC doesn’t recognize my microkorg ?

(sorry for the language quality , english ain’t my first language)
thx , DJ DoRé

You followed these instructions right?

Most important question i have:
Can you find your device in the device list there?

Yeah , I’ve done evrything like they said , but there’s one thing … when I wanna choose my device in the midi properties , the only thing I can select that can be my microkorg is : USB-MIDI
and it doesn’t do anything …

Can you help me ?

In fact , there’s no “DMX 6fire” thing.
I just have the MIDI Yoke , Microsoft GS wavetable , and the USB-MIDI thing …

cause I’ve no external soundcard.

The “Dmx 6Fire” is my audio device, which has a MIDI controller, that is why it is listed in the example.
If yours says USB-MIDI, that sounds like you need to pick that one.
Also, you need to pick a bank and program (patch) and pick the MIDI channel your device is listening too.
Above all:consult the manual of your Microkorg about which preparations you need to do to the microkorg to be able to control it from within a host.

If that doesn’t help, usually some host sequencer software is usually delivered with your controller… you can install that software and see if you can get your MIDI controller working in there.
If it does not work in any other host, there is something on the device you need to configure or in the MIDI driver.

And where I got to go see in the computer to configure the MIDI Driver ? , And Is there a specific Bank and program a got to try , cause nothings work…

I found this in a korg forum. It seems that after installing it, you have to register the Korg driver in Windows. -->…912feea5#293823

oh ! thx a lot ! a thought it was my pc that wasn’t regognizing it , but now its working , thx again for posting everyone , very helpfull ! :walkman: