Problem Loading Songs

Hi all,

Sorry to bother, but I have some (hopefully not hardware related) problem when loading songs.

In general this fantastic piece of software works very fine. I can start creating a new song, use my vsti instruments and all works fine.

The problem is that after I save the song I just created, renoise plays it as if it is running throught some distortion device?

Even if I start renaoise from scratch and just load one of the demo songs first thing, this song souds like hell as its distorted.

I went through the preferences but all looks fine??? Its even stranger as, if i render the song to HD and the click on the wav in renoise = distorted sound, whereas playing the exact same wave in any audioplayer = sounds perfect!

… and this has nothing to do with the levels, nothing is clipping etc.??

Its running on:

IBM R51e
Windows XP (Service Pack2)
1.5 GB ram
1.1 GHz

Thanks for any suggestions & help,



“distorted sound” may also be caused by sound crackling because of erroneous ASIO/DirectSound configurations: try to fiddle with latency (increasing it), or go to your soundcard ASIO control panel to reduce the buffers size.

since you are using an IBM PC, I think you are using an internal RealTek Audio soundcard, which can indeed be quite cracky.

Hi It-Alien,

Thanks for that! How stupid am I? ;o) I played around with it but not enough… now with latency 150 it works fine.



150 ms or samples? ms would be way to much. Are you running ASIO or DirectSound? Which Soundcard do you use?
You might also try if enabling/disabling the “use hardware buffers” switch in the DirectSound settings makes any difference.