Problem Of Saving Profile Settings In Windows

Renoise wont save profile, vst and e.t.c. settings and always syas that there is an error while opening self. So i need to scan vst and do setting again and again after each start.

This only occurs in my work domain where native user folders are links to domain net mount points.

Failed to open file
“\domain.local\DFS\workspace%D0%D0%D0\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.0\Config.xml” for reading!

The symbols %XX is system encoding for cyrillic symbols.


Failed to parse file
“\domain.local\DFS\workspace%D0%D0%D0\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.0\Config.xml” for reading!

the same is for preferences.xml and keybindings.xml

I guess your speaking of a roaming profile where your userdata is on the server and not locally on your computer or at least not when you are not logged on.
I think the best option is to create a local user account with admin priviledges and start/install Renoise underneath that account. But i suppose that when you have logged on, it should work as well…
Installing and using Renoise under a domain user account perhaps could use some extra testing on our side though.