Problem playing samples from computer keyboard


If someone could please test this…

Load any sample so you can play long held down notes and press for example Z and C together then while holding these down press Q and E…

the notes under keys Q and E do not sound… it only happens when playing notes the octave above using the computer keyboard, any other notes play fine, so its just something to do with the octave above.

however, if you hold down Q and E then also hold down I and P, then it works fine!

its just when using the lower and upper parts of the computer keyboard… could something please test to see if I’m doing something wrong?

Its quite a problem here!



It works for me. I’m using a steelseries 6gv2 computer keyboard. Maybe its ahardware limitation of yours? Does it have “n-key rollover”?

ok thanks for checking.

but if this was a problem with my keyboard surely it would affect any keys held down? its always the exact octave of the keys I’m holding down which is the problem…


It is no software problem. Probably also your pc keyboard is just fine, it was designed to work this way (typing text, simple games, nothing more).

Gaming keyboards often do better, allowing 5-6 keys pressed the same time, but it depends on the model which combinations work and which won’t. Only very expensive “full n-key rollover” keyboards, or midi controller keyboards, will allow any combination of keys pressed. Gamers also know the woe, and their task is mostly much more simple than playing music.

If you plan on really pushing cords and playing melodies and stuff live, I’d suggest you look into some midi keyboard, even if it is a tiny one with little keys and such to be hooked up to your laptop, it will be able to play any chord by design.

ok thanks for the reply.

shame as I like the layout of the computer keyboard for playing music vs a midi keyboard.

What I found strange was the fact that I could play as many notes as I wanted to together and it would work, but it was only when the exact octave above was played that it wouldn’t work… :wacko:

Keys Z, C, Q, and E don’t play together. But Z, C, W and R do! :blink:

On my laptop AZERTY keyboard, if I play chords with pressing keys in this order:

A + E + T . . . is ok

A + Z + T . . . is not ok (T is not taken)

A + R + T . . . is not ok (T is not taken)

And to be complete:

A + E + T + U + O + ^ . . . is ok (6 notes)

And it is the same on Renoise and FL Studio, using samples or VST instruments.

So yes, this is a bit strange.

I don’t understand why some chords with 3 notes are impossible while some chords with 6 notes are possible!!

I can even do this chord with 7 notes: W + C + B + + I + P + $

EDIT: OopsFly is true, it’s just a hardware limitation, and a full n-key rollover keyboard can fix the problem

This doesn’t answer your question…

But I just bought a LPK25

It is well built, is litterally smaller than my computer keyboard. Takes up almost no space on my desk. For me it is much quicker tracking in notes with this, I make fewer mistakes, I always hit the right note in first attempt. Look into some of the small ones like this, there are other brands as well. They can be amazing tool for your workflow no matter what DAW you use. I’m on linux, works out of the box.