Problem reading files on a CIFS mount under Ubuntu

I recently switched to Ubuntu after having used WinXP for more than a decade - and a switch like that is never without trouble.

I have mounted my QNAP NAS with the following mount options in fstab, and I believe this should give me every right to read and write files on the NAS:


However, when I try to load anything under this folder (songs, VSTs, samples, instruments), all I get is an error message reading “Cannot access the specified directory”. I can browse the folder structure by clicking on the little arrows to the left in the Disk Browser, but whenever I click a name on the list, I get the error message.

I would like any pointers to get rid of this error :slight_smile: Do I have to mount the NAS as NFS or something else? Am I giving the wrong mount options in fstab? Is there a known bug (I have not found any)? Anything else I could do to get rid of this problem? More description of my setup?

Ulrik H. Kold

did you also applied the rights on your NAS. because you can do this on the mount, but on the NAS the volume should be given the same rights as well.
I believe on a QNAP it seems fairly easy to SSH into it… though i don’t have a QNAP myself, so have no idea how that works there.
I do know i had similar problems with my Iomega NAS and had to perform an actual CHMOD and CHOWN on the specific shared folder to make it properly available to another Linux system as it seemed the group was root and not “users”.
For Windows write and read access isn’t a problem though.

Thanks a lot for trying to make me understand :slight_smile: I really appreciate your effort.

I’m logged in as user=ulrik on my Ubuntu box, and all the files and dirs in my mounted dir /home/ulrik/nas are owned by me (user=ulrik) and my group (group=ulrik) (AKA ulrik:ulrik :slight_smile: ). However, on the NAS the files are owned by admin:administ.

If I understood your reply correctly you’re suggesting I make sure (by way of chmod and chown) that the files on the nas are also owned by user=ulrik? But I don’t have a user named ulrik on the NAS?

Sincere Ubuntu n00b greets,

No, but allow ordinary users or “everybody” to make changes. I guess chmod 777 will do, but usually won’t work if the folder is set to group “root”.
Perhaps in your case it might work without chown.

The sad truth is that chmod 777 made no difference in Renoise. The file explorer in KDE (is it Nautilus?) has no problem reading, writing, etc. on the NAS mount.

If you or anybody else has any other suggestions I’d really appreciate them. Otherwise I guess I’ll have to make local copies from the NAS to the HDD of the songs I’m working on and the tools I’m working with. Sigh