Problem Recording Midi Commands From An Ext Sequencer

There’s an old step sequencer I’ve been using for years and I really like.

It’s just a 16 step sequencer, with the following command for each note - midi gate and glide on/off.
I used to use it with Logic with Hubi’s device and had no problems recording the midi coming from it.

What I’m actually trying to do is to record what the sequencer plays into midi. I installed Midi Yoke, I load the vst instrument in Renoise and hit start on the step sequencer. I can hear the sound coming out of it.

when I hit play OR record, I only get the notes being played, recorded at “speed” 06 (without spaces between them, even as there sequence is sixteen notes) and the speed in Renoise is set to 03.

If I hit both play AND record together, I get the midi recorded (the notes only though) at the “correct” speed (03), that is, with one row of space between each 16th, but the timing is messed up and the recorded data is not synced, for example:
I have a straight 16 notes pattern of C4. what I get recorded with play+record is:
01 C4
03 C4
06 C4
07 C4
10 C4
11 C4
12 C4
14 C4

In non of the ways I can get the midi gate and the glide on/off recorded.

I’d appreciate help in the matter.

Nobody has ANY idea? I thought the devs could easily tell me how to solve it or atleast why I can’t do it. :wacko:

Do you have “Record program changes” etc. set up correctly in the Midi options? I haven’t had to use MidiYoke yet so no help from me on that. :(

Too easy a solution :rolleyes: but sure, that’s probably the first thing I looked at.


That’s right, that’s an old non vst midi step sequencer called seq303.
The vsti I use for the sounds could be Albino for that purpose.
I use Midi Yoke so I can set seq303 out to midi 1, set that as in for Renoise.
The sequencer plays the sounds from the vsti loaded in Renoise without problems but has the problems I stated above, regarding recording the effects, and the 03/06 speed problem I stated.