Problem to buy Renoise

I want but I can’t buy a Renoise.
The problem is in Billing Information form. Look like its create by KGB. I must give so much personal information like city, street etc. Sounds, like they send me a product not through internet but send by carrier pigeon and that’s why they need personal information.
Is there is some other way, how to buy or I must crack Renoise just for this reason?

It’s pretty common to include your address with payment information,
also, to make sure it is you, since Renoise licenses are personal…
Nobody from Renoise will actually come to your house.

And, when you pay, all your (entered) information is sent with the payment,
also, to make sure it is you who has paid.

Most people and businesses that want their address hidden open up a P.O. box instead of cracking Renoise.


for example, our national radio operates from this address:

P.O. Box 1
1200 AD

They did not need to crack Renoise, which comes for a very fair price.
Registration benefits are:

  • Render part of song to new audio sample
  • Render song (opt. per pattern, track) to audio file
  • Plugin’s audio grabber

So I can type random letters in this fields?

I just bought it. I found the process pretty much the same as buying any other software registration online. Heck I had to produce this info even for the free version of Studio One. Can’t see any issue with the purchase process whatsoever.


i’d say it’s very rude to the developers to say something like this

Wanting to crack program just because you do not like the payment form (which is most likely implemented there by 3rd party service) is way beyond any reasonable thought.

Simply do not do it if it bothers you so much. I do not see the point of your post at all.
It’s always better to have more information, as someone might try to impersonate you (methods are out of the scope of my point).

I do not see any personal informations that you have to enter. It’s not like there is a field for your social security number or whatever really.

First name:
Last name:

Ok, let’s assume it’s a problem: did you do something about it? contact developers?

i’m wondering if you did purchase anything via internet (outside your country) to ask this kind of question.

Did you complain when you created your email? facebook? instagram? youtube? any other platform? or is it only Renoise that breaks this rule and asks for something more?

This is YOUR personal opinion, not a problem

No one is forcing you to buy it after all.

Also, it’s cheaper to buy a P.O. box for a year than to work 2400 hours on cracking Renoise

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i think he meant to download already-cracked, instead of cracking it himself

also couple of solutions

  1. find someone to buy it for you
  2. give fake info
  3. consider that your name is not something private in the first place

You know, I don’t care about money. I will buy it even for triple price (by the way, for me it cost 82 EURO). So, my problem, believe me or not, its a first time for buy through internet. So I don’t like give personal information to unknow place. And for that I stuck in it.
By the way, as much I understand, after sending money, I must wait few weeks, till I can download a full version of Renoise?

Before trying to be smartass - read the informations provided, and if you cannot find answer, then ask on forum.

you could just invent informations for the time creating & replying on this post.

You’ve answered your own question.

how do you even make the payment without any info? what’s going to be on the payment that you will pay Renoise with?anonymous?* that doesn’t bother you, but the “Avangate” form does?
if you plan to buy anything in the future online: you’re stuck.

Again very rude.
No more replies from me

So I do. I am a VERY beginner on this stuff. Also I wrote an email few days ago but no response till now.

  1. I think that Renoise Forum is not a place to learn about internet in general, about privacy, how transactions are made…
  2. It’s not up to a Renoise developer to ask you for the information about payments in the first place. - you should know this already - if you do not, please refer to the first point
    3) ignore everything, buy Renoise, and make some music!

I think you should spend some time on internet, or talking to someone how things are happening before crushing on Renoise that your (name) information is too sensitive?!

OK. I give up. I was type anything they need and pay the money. Now I just guess what will happen…

Maybe they will first need to order a space transport after your order has been placed.
Space missile rockets are leaving every 28st of the month, so be quick.
They will fly into space and deploy Renoise to the registered units.
Also, make sure to fill in your payment details correctly,
because if you are not sending money then
they don’t know where exactly the space missile has to land.

You can also send in real money via organized high value transport, but I doubt they will send a panzered truck to Berlin to carry over your 82 euros for free.

If you have any problems with your payment info, contact your bank or fill in your details for with the payment at the payment provider.

I downloaded my registered Renoise 10 minutes after paying.

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Don’t give up, please make beautiful music with your registered Renoise!

Start around with the QuickStart Tutorial PDF that is installed next to your Renoise
Please read the complete manual of Renoise online to refer to more valuable information.

If you can not find information in the Renoise manual or in the Renoise forum by doing a forum search, then try to ask your specific question providing the details of your question.


Are you actually downloading over EUTELSAT?

Unless you’re running a drug cartel in your address there’s no need to worry. That’s the standard procedure for most software purchases.

The worst thing that can happen is Renoise devs asking you for weed if you live nearby.


I am so going to do that