Problem W/ Pcm Signed 24 Bit Stereo Wav's In 1.5a

i was wondering if you might be able to answer a question i have.
using 1.5 alpha from 8-9-04, i am having a problem with PCM signed 24 bit stereo wav’s sounding really distorted.
in the stable version 1.281 they sound fine but in the alpha they are just horrible
i was wondering if anyone has seen a solution?

Yes. Write a mail to and attach such a sample.

i tried to send the message and files but my email got returned,
should i host the files and post a link to them?

i think this bug is fixed already!!

is this the case where one channel is constantly clipping while other is ok, but sample sounds really distorted?

if yes then this bug is marked fixed now!

yes that is exactly what was happening, i didnt know it was fixed! :walkman:

thankx trackit, for tellin me.

i’ve been running into soooo many weird :blink: little things i cant even begin to list them all

i dont know how i’m doing it but on occasion the cursor follows the mouse
i’m really not sure if it’s spose to be doing that but if it kept doing it i think i could live with it but it seems kinda strange

also i just closed down renoise because of some strange sound it started making while it was playing on a certain pattern (and i know i didnt put that sound in there)

i also noticed that when using midi yoke with channel 1 selected under the MIDIClock Master Settings, playback with the sample editor stutters

another thing that is driving me nuts! :w00t: is when i go to work on this one song of mine…it skips one certain pattern when i play back the song,
but, it doesnt do it consistently on occasion it will actually play that pattern!
that quirk comes back everytime i load it
and its the only song that does it
the pattern was originally cloned from the very first pattern of the song
just doesnt make sense to me…unless it is somehow attributed to the fact that the pattern was started in 1.281?

i still am deeply devoted to renoise tho

i’m starting to wonder why i didnt put this in the bug forum area :unsure: