Problem With Advanced Pattern Editing

I created a groove with note delays. When I tried to alter all delay values at once with the Advanced Pattern Editor, I wondered why a few values where changed properly and a few didn’t change at all. Having a closer look it seems, the values where only changed on lines with an entry in the note column, but not for the rest. That means, also not for lines containing values in the volume and panorama column.

I’d actually suppose the editor to do changes on all delay values, no matter if it’s - except the delay - a completely empty line. Because when you create a groove with note delays, it’s easy to copy & paste your groove to a new column. While you still might not know yet, if the affected lines are ever gonna be filled.

Is there a reason, why this bug report is totally ignored?

That you don’t get any response doesn’t mean it is ignored. It most likely isn’t the number one critical problem to solve, but definately not ignored.

Of course I agree, this is no critical problem. I’m just curious about how you guys are gonna keep track of these things, since there are support and help requests mixed with bug reports here now. Pending bugs aren’t marked as such. So there is no chance for an overview of what threads are about real bugs and what threads are something else or already solved. To me it meanwhile seems, this is gonna end up in a huge mess. If so, that’s for sure not gonna be my problem. I’d just like to know then, because then I’m not gonna waste any more time on bug reports or thinking about solutions for something.

Which is exactly the reason why we are not handling this like a 911 call. Sorry for the lag though.

Reason why we are not changing delay values which have no note next to them, is because there is no dedicated “value” for empty note delays. A value of “0” means it’s empty, it’s not used, but also can be a valid “value” AE operations could be applied on in for example a groove pattern.

An example: If you apply a humanize on delay values, we either could apply this on every delay value (including 00s), only on those which actually have an effect (are paired with a note) or on everything that is > 00. Only applying changes to note delays which actually have an effect (those next to notes) seemed to be the best option of the three for us.

That of course makes sense, when it comes to replaying a pattern. For the workflow of editing a pattern the “affect all” solution would be the better one. And it imo makes more sense for an advanced editing mode operation.

Normally it wouldn’t be a huge deal to insert a groove pattern after editing the notes. But when you’re using something like a triplet groove over a whole pattern, it’s quiet helpful to have the pattern filled with the groove before editing the actual sequences. And atm it becomes hard then to change things, when you during editing sequences decide to change the whole groove. Because then the whole pattern becomes a pure mess with the advanced pattern editor.