Problem with envelope offset command

Assiged a linear decaying envelope to the filter ;

When typing in the envelope offset command . starting from the end point of the envelope OEFF, or staying at a permanent location;

The first point of the envelope is always audible for a short while, even when the e command is set to ff (pointing at last stage of envelope=zero ).

In the 1st.example , no amplitude envelope is used , only an envelope for filter cut off .

The command goes from ff to 00 …

Where ff is the last stage of the envelope ( zero ).

The maximum cutoff range is audible for a brief moment .

Ass a second example , a dc sample is used ( +1 ) to control the ringmod .

Envelope to ringmod pitch ,and for amplitude , again envelope offset command from end of the envelope to beginning ,still a click is heard at the beginning of the command (ff)

When the first part of the evelope is set to zero , the click is gone.

The cick is approx; 3ms long ,

It’s obvious that for some reason , a small portion of the audio signal is coming true at max envelope position , before the envelope command is executed.

This might also be the reason why the cutoff is heard at max positio n.