Problem With Microphone

Hi, could there be some other reason than havin a bad mic?
I got brand new Philips Super Lightweight dynamic microphone SDC MD110 and I have tried it with Different computers under Win xp, win 7 and Ubuntu, with renoise 2.7.2, FL Studio 9, and Operating systems own mic checks and recorders.
All of these tests have failed, with everything sound stays too weak, barely can hear the voice after recording and graphs are miserable.
Just liked to know is there anything more I could do than buying a new microphone ?
Mic I bought ( Philips ) should be ok but could it be somehow build broken, hard to believe but ofcourse it can be.

Do you have a mic preamp?

You’ll need one, if you don’t.

I don’t have,
Could I get some direction what I need to get ?
thank you

Basic preamp like ART Tube MP should do it. Mixers have preamps too, like Behringer Xenyx. Then you can have all kinds of cool stuff (in addition to preamp) with a vocal processor like TC-Helicon VoiceLive.

several soundchips / cards have a mic boost , which can be activated in the options.

You might use the drivers by philips rather then the microsoft drivers , since they might dont have this option.