Problem With Reaktorvsti Automated With Lfo Through Midi Cc Device


Here is my problem : in the song on which I’m working, I use a synth that I’ve made in Reaktor, and i wan’t to make twelve of its parameters varying in time, so I’ve used a Midi CC Device, “Midi Learn” on Reaktor to match the 12 parameters of the synth with the 12 sliders of the Midi CC Device. Then I’ve added twelve LFOs and routed each of them to one of the 12 twelve parameters (am I clear enough ?).

So everything works perfectly, but when I quit the song and load it again, the LFOs don’t work anymore (although their routing is ok). So I think that this problem could rather come from the Midi CC Device, and when I try to re-match the 12 sliders of the synth to the 12 sliders of the MIDI CC Device (once more by using “Midi Learn”), the behaviour of the device is weird and I don’t really understand it : sometimes it works, sometimes it disable the LFO action on another of the 12 parameters, sometimes it don’t get the right LFO…).

I’m not sure to be enough clear, but maybe some of you had have some similar problems and found a way to fix it ?


EDIT : I’ve tried some tricks to fix it but the real problem seems to be that the matching between synth sliders and automation device sliders isn’t saved from a session to another.

EDIT 2 : Fixed ! As the mapping of the MIDI CC Device seem to save correctly when you save the song, I’ve created a pattern that I put at the beginning of the song. In this pattern, the LFOs are disabled and all the parameters mapped with the MIDI CC Device are automated (you don’t care about the shape of the automation : it’s just here so that the mapping save correctly). Then in the pattern where you enable the LFOs, all the parameters will be routed to the right LFO.

Maybe it’ll help somebody else !