Problem With Recording Through M-Audio Fasttrack

I’ve just hooked up my new M-Audio FastTrack to Renoise and am experiencing a heavy amount of clicks. I really do nothing apart from select my audio input and fire up the sample recording. Does anyone have an idea what could be happening? My left channel is much worse than the right too, although both have it.

It’s the same thing with nothing connected, guitar or mic connected. :(

You mean by just upping the latency in the sample recording window? I’ve tried anything up to the maximum amount and still I get pops all over the place… it’s quite annoying. :( Does anyone here use fastTrack with Renoise successfully?

Yeah I had the same thing with my Fasttrack ultra and had to sell it in the end because nothing (inc. extremely low latency settings) would sort out the clicks and pops. It was my second M-Audio interface and I won’t be buying another one… ever! Still using my crusty old M-Audio USB Duo now which at least has the decency to play back without annoying artefacts but makes plenty of clicks when recording live audio. :angry:

I gather that the general conscenus around here is that M-Audio drivers are shite, regardless of what platform you’re using! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

Absolutely. M-Audio interfaces are FAIL most of times. Drivers and quality is shit.

p.s. I have an old M-Audio Quattro interface which is working ok only with Mac. Failed to use this properly on ANY windows (XP, Vista, Win7).

I have one of these too. it sucks.

what you can do: dont use a line-in device. use the fasttracks hardware return to prehear your ext. audio.

this should solve the clicks on both prehear and recording.