Problem with TwinBass VST plugin

There is a little, but annoying problem I got when using a VST instrument called TwinBass.
I design a patch that uses a lot of synths distortion and resonance in it, making the sound “sharp”.
Then, when I close Renoise and open it for the next time, and playback a song, TwinBass is playing without that distortion (my guess is the distortion is not included, but could also be filters’ resonance or whatever else), more generally without that “sharp” tone. Only way to get the distortion back is to open plugin’s GUI (and I mean just opening and closing for a second is sufficient).
This has to be done every time and for every single TwinBass instance. It sometimes gets very annoying when I forget to do it, change some different stuff, render a song and then during soundcheck I realize the sounds from TwinBass are not distorted as desired.
I suspect this is a problem within the plugin itself, but I wanted to ask here if anybody is familiar with this as well.
Any help appreciated.

Does TwinBass do this with other Hosts? Sounds likely to be a bug on the plug-in, have you contacted its developer? Does it switch Presets correctly with the GUI closed? Can you save and load your own Presets correctly? (Rather than the settings being saved as part of the instrument within a song.)

OK, so I tested and it appears that the Pulse Width parameter, which is set to zero (soundwise) no matter how I set it before, till I open the window again, then it jumps on the right value and remains correct forever until I save, close and reload project again. The problem doesn’t appear in Ableton Live.
Switching presets works fine and without problems.