Problem With Understanding The Effects Numbers

Hello there dear music producers (future). I know that this is my second post on this forum, but I would like to mention that the Renoise package is great! Eventhough I have an old demo (vers 1.28) I am getting the hang of it and it’s cool. I have just one question regarding the effects and the numbers particular to them. For example, after analyzing the tutorials I saw some nubers in the effect column and I wonder what their role with be. I’ve learnt how to use some, but there are many. So can anyone help understand each effect number. A brief description. Hope youl’ll not neglect my post.[COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue] :walkman:

Step 1: Get the Renoise 1.5 demo! (Much more friendly for beginners in my opinion)

Step 2: Read the excellent wiki online help

Step 3: Have fun! Tracking and music making is about experimentation.


I think he meanted some more easy understandable idea but then guided with audio examples.

The documentation leaves enough room for exploration of the application.

You can try the commands in range, if you think that some of them do not seem to have any effect, tell us which ones and what you try to do with it.
For some commands there is always this little steppingstone that may seem to lay a few inches to far away to reach.

Hello again! Firstly, I want to say, that unfortunately, I am not connected to the internet at home so it’s somehow impossible to download or to get the 1.5 demo. Secondly, I’ve re-read the help file and I found the effect numbers but after I tried them some worked others not. The ones which come in mind are the 0400 (retrigger), arpeggio, volume slide up and down. The other one’s I don’t remember right now but I’ll let you know. Thanks for the reply.

Note that some of these effects don’t work on VSTI’s, only on Renoise it’s own internal samples.
This is because Renoise handles the samples directly within it’s own memory and has full control of what they should do as with VSTI’s, Renoise has hardly any control but affecting it’s parameters through VSTI automation or MIDICC.
Most of the effectcommands send to the VSTI that do have effect are translated to MIDICC (or default MIDI) signals.