Problem With Wobble Bass At High Bpm/Speed

i have some problems with making the wobble bass at fast/high bpm/speed?

i have tried using the device chain from the xy tutorial but im not getting any good results

got any tips to share?

Lower the rate of the LFO? oO

High bpm & speed, mainly LPB, is very nice for working with the lfo-metadevice.
Often times I forget this.
I found changing the LPB of a pattern can sometimes provide great results with the lfo-metadevice
Thanks for reminding me to check out the xy tutorial!

well i found a good way of making wobble in ableton,so i have made a template in ableton intro,and when ever i need wobble,i just have to rewire

s-n-s, give me some specs and I will make one up for you.

meanwhile you may check out some of the XRNS files on this page:

77, return2sender & Delia, have different ways of using the LFO.

at higher LPB speeds & BPM you would probably want to use 8,12,16,18,24,32,36,42,48 up to 64 on the lfo’s freq. was down yesterday due to them upgrading the site, or I would have posted that link earlier.

High BPM? Double the LFO sync! Not fast enough? I’m afraid you need to work on the clarity of LFO itself…

Well that’s the beaty of the userwaveform lfo , not fast enough ?No problemo , just draw 2 waveforms , want it even faster …? well draw 4 waveforms etc…

That’s the same as doubling the sync… with the backdraw of being stuck with a weird custom waveform (as you can’t switch custom presets in the automation or effect column… which we should be able to, imho :P). I mean, using X7YY for precision is gonna be hell with 4 waveforms in the custom waveform, I imagine…

thanks for the link choice,downloading now

i have started using 150bpm and 12 lpb

Yeah sure , but what I was trying to say is that we can double , quaddouble etc… ( correct term ? :unsure: )the lfo speed even when the lfo speed setting is at maximum value , by just multiplying the drawn lfo waveforms by *x

quadruple ;)

Okay fair enough :) Sorry, didn’t understand that! Though I doubt the usefullness of that for a dubstep wobble bass ;) Please correct me if I’m wrong and elaborate, because there’s still lots to learn!

i can get the wobble bass sound,what im having problems with is what effect commands to use to have maximum controll over your wobble bass
i have started using synthmaster 2 and fabfilter twin 2 to make my bass sounds in.

ohh and btw i have started using the bass device chain from BotBs demo-song.