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Hi all. Came across a problem today, not a massive problem but still annoying… When i use a fast attack on a sub bass sample, i get clicking during the attack… its not really loud but noticable, deffinately on headphones. I tried a pure sine wave and made sure it looped perfect and had no dc offset, still get clicks… its like the sample isnt being smoothed during the volume ramping… dunno, maybe im doing something wrong.

fast attacks on compressors create clicks, thats a feature. Or what do you mean with attack?

You’re talking about instrument envelopes, right?

yeah in the instrument envelopes

Does the sample start at a level other than zero?
If so, it will always produce a click when the attack is sharp enough.

Try opening the sample editor, and looking at the beginning of the sound.
If it looks like this, it will click.

The solution is to turn on “0 Crossing”, and cut whatever is before the first zero-crossing.

The wave file pictured above is a perfect sine, but slightly offset - so we could also do something smarter:
cut the part from the last zero crossing and towards the end, and then paste those data at the beginning.

Same sound, but without the click :slight_smile:

the best way for us to help you is publishing the XRNI file so we can look at it

ok i fixed it with the help of danoise… my sample was deffinately starting on zero but it was also ending on zero… causing the sample at loop points to play 2 zeros… Look at “chipsign.xrni” that comes with renoise… the start is on zero and the end is one point above zero… makes sense when you think about it… Thanks for the help :)