Problems Rewiring Ableton Live 8.0.1 Demo

Hi Taktik!
I’m trying to get the ableton live demo and renoise 2.1 to rewire together acording to your outline above. If I try to run renoise as master I am able to select ableton live as outlined in the rewire in device but no audio comes through and I’m not presented with a midi track to route to.
If I attempt to use renoise as a slave and open ableton Live first, ableton warns:

“Live has detected another active rewire master application. No Rewire slave applications will be available for use with live unless you quit the current rewire master application and restart live.”
I click OK and no slaves are available in Live as warned.

I have virtual audio cable and LoopBe midi and midi-ox installed aswell as Reason which isn’t working at the moment for some reason.

Oh wait a minute… Got it working after restarting and uninstalling v audio cable and loopbe

This can happen if a slave or master unexpectedly crashes or does not close the connection.
The ReWire engine for some reason does not get detached which then means you cannot start the same combination of hosts in the same way or vice versa.
Did you checked the Process list to see if Renoise silently still was running elsewhere? (even if the Renoise GUI was gone and made you think it was closed)

Tht sounds about right, vV. Thanks.
I figured it out, I just need to restart. Since I’m only going to be running renoise as master to other apps ( I can’t deal with horizontal sequences anymore), this problem shouldn’t pop up again. Live won’t start automatically when I slave it, but everything else is fine.