Problems With Renoise On My Siemens Amilo Mini Ui 3520

It’s a little bit disappointing: My Netbook got 1,6 GHz and 1GB RAM. But Renoise always gives me the message that the cpu runs out of time. I switched the buffersize up to 8192, but it’s always the same. I use a dualboot system with win xp and Ubuntu 10.4. On both systems I got the same problem. It also does’t make a difference, if I use the onboard sound or my Presonus Audiobox USB with ASIO. Today I ordered 2 GB RAM. But I think, there must be another reason for my problem…

It depends on what you use it for.
If you use heavy vst plugins, that’s not unfortunately a bit too much asked from a netbook.
With orderinary samples and internal effects, renoise should be wearing the CPU out a lot less.

Well, the demo songs are not running. And when I just create a pattern there are problems with crackle sounds, too. I don’t know, tomorrow I’ll have the netbook running with 2 GB RAM. I hope it will help to get a little bit better performance.