ive been using fast tracker 2 all my life, i cant get out of the tracker interface, so i heard of renoise and i thought this would be a solution. im most concerned at this point about sound quality, as im releasing tracks on a label right now i use mad tracker to export my .xms to .wav but i have doubts about its sound quality.

i heard renoise has “perfect” sound quality so that got me excited. so i download it and first thing i notice: it wont load my xms properly, it loads about the first 20 sample banks and thats it, so only 1/4 of my sound are there. my xms are quite large i use alot of sampled loops, they are up to 180 megs. fast tracker 2 has no problem with the size so i figure renoise shouldnt right? anyone have an idea why it wont load all the sounds?

my other problem is that renoise crashes constantly. if i load a new song with one already open it crashes. if i touch the wrong button it crashes. sometimes it just crashes while its playing for no reason. i wanna give this program a shot and id conciter registering but not if i cant use it properly. im hopeing someone can sort me out with a solution … my specs are

p3 550
384mb ram
windows 98 SE
sound blaster 64

im planning on getting a new computer soon and upgrading to windows XP would this fix everything? thanks for any help …

are you experiencing such problems only with your XM fiels?

did you try loading RNS (ReNoiSe format) files?

“perfect sound quality” doesn 't mean “perfect XM replay” (well… it actually doesn’t mean anything at all :))

ReNoise does support XM/IT/MOD files only for loading old songs and modifying them, so don’t expect to play them correctly.

About the missing samples, this is probably a bug in XM loading.
Could you upload a test somewhere?

I suggest you to not use ReNoise for improving your exisiting XM’s sound quality; doing such a thing won’t help at all.
You should try XmPlay or ModPlug player to export WAVs from XM files.
XmPlay gives better results in XM support, while ModPlug gives slightly better audio quality.

if you really want to evaluate the potential of ReNoise, I suggest you to finish with your songs in FT2 and then try to make new music from scratch on ReNoise.

Have fun.

I dont think he will want to upload a 180MB ft2-file for testreasons somewhere ;)

ok, so he could try by cutting samples a lot and see if renoise loads them correctly, to verify if there is a sort of limit in renoise.

if the problem persists, then he could upload the shorter version.

I could upload a 180MB file on my site, anyway :P

I could too. infact I did once or twice. but it was terrible. not as I expected it to be. cant suggest to do it yourself. honestly. go for something else instead. :D

Many Trackers do the folowing to test some other tracker programs if they are good or not.

Load an XM file play it …Sounds BAD … this must be a BAD tracker software :angry:

I did the same thing with Renoise , I download Renoise , load an XM file tried to play it and blaahhh … (I didnt know that Renoise did’nt support playing XM Files)

Then I searched for another tracker where I could load and play the old XM files. I found skale Tracker and I use it but because the project was not moving fast and lots of features were missing I said to myself is time for a New Era and forget the old XM format.

So I started RTFM :rolleyes: , it was a bit hard at the begining to get used with Renoise interface and because of not enough tutorials but at the end I realized that Renoise is many steps infront of whatever tracker software I used so far.

I am very happy now :yeah:

Ditto. Yes, at first it was hard to get used to Renoise – compared to FT2, everything seemed just so complicated, not to say incomprehensibly complicated… But after fiddling around a while things really started to make sense. I could do a lot more than with FT2, faster and more precisely, so I’m glad I decided to register. I also lost 30 pounds and gained 3 inches to… er… okay, maybe not, but I’m happy anyway :D

So my recommendation is to divorce from FT2, get engaged to Renoise and live happily ever after. :)

actually, I did not care about all that, I heard that renoise supported VST and VSTi effects and I told myself that I had to learn that program, however bad it would turn out to be. Heck, I would have even learned it if it would have been an IT-Clone (and I never touched IT, I hated it the one time I had it on my harddisk).

but it did not turn out to be bad at all, I already had mastered the switch from FT2 to MT2 and so I was used to learn new things, and I got quite fast familiar with renoise. Hey, I love it ;)

here is my list (in no particualr order) of the best things that ever happened to mankind (the last two-hundred billion years or so. my history is a bit hazy before that):

  1. women
  2. chocolate
  3. renoise
  4. beer

that should say how i feel about things :)
happy x-mas all!

All pretty addictive stuff… Anyway, I didn’t think it was that hard to learn Renoise. I find women much more complicated :P :lol:

if you would like to keep your samples “secret”, you could send the link only to developers: send an email to taktik, now put that @ sign, renoise dot com (spammers come here :)) with the URL and an explanation of which problem you have.

This was probably the origin of the “perfect wav rendering” comment:
Presumably it’s “arguru’s sync” mode being used there.

yup thats where i saw it …