Process DSP FX "uprates" to 32 bits - How to avoid that?

I noticed, if i process DSP FX on a sample in the waveform editor of the sampler, it will be uprated to 32 bits during processing. It doesn’t matter which bit rate it has before. But i think this is not so good, if samples with lower bitrates will be uprated to 32 bits. It depends on the used material, but when uprating e.g. a 16 bit sample to 32 bit, then later it is used in the project and this project will be rendered to again 16 bits, this first uprating and later downrating again, can cause artifacts in the rendered material at the positions where this sample is playing. And first uprating and later downrating again can also affect the sound quality of that sample. Downrating a high quality 32 bit sample to 16 bit is not so problematic like uprendering from 16 to 32 bit, because uprendering a 16 bit sample to 32 bit makes it not better in quality, it sounds the same as in 16 bit. But then downrendering this sample again to 16 bits can cause a loss in quality and it can sound worse as before . I searched the complete preferences and song options, but couldn’t find an option where i can prevent that uprating of lower rates to 32 bits.

Edit: also the same when using the sampler’s own “Adjust Volume” function. Selecting a small area of a 16 bit sample and change just the volume of this selection. After processing the complete sample will be automatically uprendered to 32 bit. But a sample should stay at the original rate which it has before processing any effects until i want also manually change the bitrate.

This just occurs with "Process DSP FX and “Adjust Volume”, e.g. fade in/out a specific selection in the sample does work without affecting the bitrate of the sample.

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