ProcessExplorer Threadnames for Plugins

If i switch in Renoise to plugin-sandboxmode (every plugin / instrument get his own process and memory management), and look in ProcessExplorer to see which Instrument/plugin uses which resources so i can tweak a little bit, i does not see which thread belongs to a instrument plugin.
so, is it possible, to use NOT the ProcessName AudioPluginServer32.exe ? instead the instrumentnumber, for example?

It would mean that that executable would have to be renamed before it is being called. A thing that definitely does not work easily on Windows Vista/7 with UAC settings.
I have never seen a developer using such tricks with filenames (other than malware, virus and spyware programmers :P)

ah, i didnt know that it is really show the name of the executable. thank you for answering :)/>
thinking twice it makes sense so its not easy for virus programmers to rename his tasks to common names.

ok, is there a possibility to show a instrument/plugin size in instrument/plugin manager ? maybe as tooltip ? ^^