Prodigy And New Single...

Oh wow thank you … I don’t know how I missed that!!! … my ears don’t usually deceive me like that :o

If you listen to the percussiveness of the middle notes, you’ll see that it’s the same. Still doesn’t surprise me though… as someone else said, Prodigy has always sampled heavily.

I don’t listen to Prodigy anymore. I listen to thrash metal. So screw it, AND its single.

Somehow it’s funny that Prodigy are sampling stuff from a period where they were starting to make a name for themselves. :) I hadn’t heard the Outlander track before, but I’m sure they have. Partly because Liam was very conscious back then about staying true to the scene (as I read in an interview), and partly because it sounds like it’s that exact sample from the Outlander-track, but pitched up with a grainy lofi-pitch (in a nice way).

On a sidenote: the same sample (the actual stab-sound) was also used in SL2 - DJ’s Take Control and probably a lot of other tracks from the same time.

i cannot bring myself to listen to this track… i only like doom metal



Did anyone hear the new single of the new album called Omen?
It really blew my head right off!

so crank your speakers up and enjoy (or just continue listentening to doom metal ;)):

I just saw that Dr Drips, and was about to post it in this very thread… THAT SHIT KICKS ASS… that’s the best prodigy track I’ve EVER heard. PERIOD.

Heard em all, and i cant say wow to any of em, omen was the best but still far away from the old kickass tunes. And btw omen sounds like some nifty “out of space” mix. However i love the prodigy. :P

What is it with Liam using very bad synth sounds?

Omen is nice!
Noisia’s remix is SICK

“Omen” could have been a Pendulum-track and no-one would have noticed a thing :)

Penduled or not, I pre-ordered the album. and can’t wait!
To hear some samples of all the tracks click here

Same here! Liam delivered.

oooh that bad fruity kinda thang…reminds me of the fanboy thread started in here a while ago :ph34r: (from both sides after re-reading my post, btw. ^^)

I still don’t see the pendulum connection here people… completely different song structures and production styles. I guess some people would think Pink Floyd and Coldplay sounded the same though.

Yea but what did he deliver? After listening to the previews im even more in doubt now than i was before.

Cream, baby. Cream. I love it.

You didnt hear Outlander/Prodigy connection either. When was the last time you had your ears checked?

:o oh no I didnt… :panic:

YOU try searching through two songs you’ve never heard before for the related sample, when you have no idea what said sample sounds like. That’s like criticizing someone’s ears because they can’t hear the James Brown/Venetian Snares connection.

Either way, my comment wasn’t about sampling, it was about style. I simply don’t understand how someone cam say “OMFG [Artist’s new album] SOUNDS JUST LIKE [Another artist]!!!” when quite plainly, it doesn’t. The Prodigy sounds like the Prodigy. Period. Just like Skinny Puppy sounds like Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails sounds like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry sounds like Ministry, and Marilyn Manson sounds like Marilyn Manson.

Saying that an artist’s music is simply a ripoff of another artist’s style is not only highly offensive, but it’s an indication that the listener doesn’t have enough musical culture to be engaging in critical analysis of music (of any genre) in the first place.

So unless you can somehow quantify the reasons you think the new Prodigy tracks sound like Pendulum, your comments have as much weight to them as a helium balloon… and even then, it will just open the topic up for debate.

That aside, the funniest part of this whole thing is that In Silico came out in 2008, 4 years after Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, the album that led the Prodigy to this sound in the first place. The Prodigy isn’t influenced by Pendulum, if anything, Pendulum is influenced by the Prodigy.