Prodigy Comeback


A friend of mine told me that Prodigy is coming out with a new CD soon, following up on their single “Baby’s got a temper”.

New CD as in a WHOLE ALBUM :blink:

Did anyone else hear about this too, or am I just missing out??

~Dufey :yeah:

PS: Also heard some rumours that Liam Howlett changed names to Neil Gaeggeler (aka shaper) :rolleyes: this might not necessarily be true though.

if only i had his bank account too :lol:

yea it’s true. check the site

terrible layout but still a good band.

i hope that the cd is actually released this year though. it’s already been pushed back for almost two years… sigh…

he will never be able to make anything as good as “music for a jilted generation” … that one was really mindblowing, the music after it was just dull and boring.

i dunno. i personally think that fat of the land is the best album.

i’m just probally biased because i think funky shit and narayan are their best songs.

“Out of space” rules!! :P