Prodigy Docu

“The Prodigy: More Than Meets The Ear is a 50 minute documentary exploring the creative methods, ideology, subliminal communication and media strategies of The Prodigy.”



I was sceptical but have been convinced on several counts. It would be even better if the author were more precise about certain details and took into consideration the collaborative side of things (especially music videos), and I don’t agree with all his conclusions, but the films did open my eyes to a number of things I had not seen or realised. Kudos!

Finally started to watch this and my honest feeling after the first part that without playing the tracks it’s talking about it’s just too dry. They need clearance on music and then it good documentary. As it was afraid to say I stopped after pt1 :(

i watched it through to part 2 and stopped after that, and for this exact same reason. you need to hear the music he is talking about, otherwise you can’t get a clear enough idea, and it just feels dry indeed.

oh boy…