Prodigy Voodoo People Remake In Renoise

I have tried to recreate the original track here in Renoise. The following samples have been used from the original songs and edited, pitched etc.

Guitar - Nirvana, Very Ape (The Prodigy did not sample this they replayed it)
Flute & Drum Break Beats - Johnny Pate, You’re Starting Too Fast
Vocals – The Last Poets, The Shalimar, Right On!
Guitar Slide – Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Love
Percussion Loop – Johnny Pate, Shaft In Africa
End Stab ‘2 samples played together’-- (Not sure if Liam sampled these although they sound similar to me, also played at the start of some bars) C&C Music Factory, Everybody Dance Now and 2Unlimited, Get Ready For This

The following samples taken from Jim Pavloff’s version – ‘Dry Samples’ Added my own effects

Lead Synth, Sinewave Synth and Oww Oww Samples

All other samples from Renoise Library and a couple from sample CD’s. Clap, Kick, Snare, Strings, Sub Bass etc

This is my first music project since using OctaMed back in the 90’s on the Amiga. All the memories and tricks came flooding back. Also I now have a million more things I can do with this software. Trackers Rock! Oh there is a lot to learn aswell.

Any positive comments greatly appreciated!

All credits, copyright etc to The Prodigy and all of the above!

Thanks for watching!

Nicely done remake. You tend to learn a lot just by analyzing and reproducing others stuff, and I suspect you’ve done that as well. :)

Yo prodigy… remember Amiga 1200… Miam 2’30 Very good… Nostalgy ! ^_^



really well done!

Nice work!

Indeed, one learns a lot by attempting to reconstruct stuff… (You also learn how to pull off various trickery to accomplish reaching various effects)
The nicest surprise would be if you could lay the original next to your copy… just to prove that you aren’t the fraud everybody is calling you.
(That’s the problem if you showcase stuff that sounds way too much the same that it is almost not distinguishable from the original).

I was about to suggest to share the xrns but i notice you are using the Tea-Bags (Someone should actually make a plugin and call it that :P) plugins

Just in case anybody here has somehow missed this (it’s been going around the internet quite a lot already), here’s the Jim Pavloff version Roth2308 is referring to:

@Roth2308: Nice work. It’s definitely cool to see someone rebuild a classic Prodigy tune in Renoise, but for me personally it would have been nicer if you’d chosen a track that hadn’t already been deconstructed so thoroughly by someone else. Are you planning on doing any others? Would love to see how you handle some other classics from the Experience/Jilted era :)

Hi. Many thanks for all your comments.

Jim Pavloff’s version basically made me start tracking again after using OctaMed on the Amiga about 15 years ago!! I tried Renoise and loved it. I decided to make this version to learn and to teach me the software. I appreciate it has been done by others but I can assure everyone I did not take ANY samples from The Prodigy version. If people think this is fake then so be it! Anyway. Thanks mate. Others will come. Is that a challenge? Gonna be some Oldskool stuff I think. Cheers.

Hi. Thanks for your comment.

I did this remake to learn the software aswell as get up to speed again after a 15 year break. I appreciate there is a lot to learn although I feel I have made a fair attempt here. Renoise absolutely Rocks to be honest. I can assure you I have not sampled any Prodigy here. If people this this is a fake then so be it. Thanks again.

I don’t think anyone here is saying that you faked it. I think the feeling is just that Jim’s version gave you a pretty nice head start on things, since most of the hard work (sample research, editing techniques, etc) was already done. I personally noticed that your version appears to rely heavily on longer pre-made chunks of audio (guitar, beats, synth lines, etc), which probably could have been recreated in Renoise quite easily from smaller sample cuts, which in turn would have made your demonstration a lot more impressive from a technical point of view.

The guitar used in the intro, for example. Jim’s video shows exactly how to cut this sound from the Nirvana tune and then resequence it with a few very basic edits. Those edits could have easily been done directly in Renoise by laying down some simple notes in the pattern editor, rather than just playing one note of a long sample that was already prepared. You weren’t totally clear if you have prepared this big sample yourself in another editor, or whether it’s from Jim’s version, etc. All I’m saying is that people can see you simply triggering this big sample, so it’s easy for them to assume that not much work has gone into the Renoise side of it.

We would expect to see your patterns full of detailed notes and pattern commands, but in reality there’s not a huge amount that we can see except for a few notes triggering some long samples which were already made somewhere else, and some obvious recreations of the strings and stuff like that. If you had chosen another Prodigy track to remake in Renoise, and you had really edited the hell out of every tiny detail of it, then the “wow” factor would be a lot higher. You’ve still done a great job with Voodoo People, but hopefully you will continue to grow and improve technically as you become more comfortable with Renoise in the future.

Anyway… I’m not trying to offend you, I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. Hope there are no hard feelings.

Hi. Please forgive me for sounding defensive. I agree with everything you say.

I can totally see where your coming from with the input on the Renoise side of things. I did however use Audacity to edit all the long samples. The majority of these were from original tracks and three ‘Dry’ samples from Jim Pavloff’s version. This took the majority of the time making it. As you say I need to use the tracker a lot more. I agree totaly.

I am looking forward to progressing with my techniques etc and I do not take offence to any posts. I am glad for your input and realise there is a lot you can do in Renoise. Many thanks.

I wasn’t thinking that it is fake, it is obvious that it ain’t. I once did a remake of the Phenomena Amiga demo track (Done by FireFox / Trip). I managed to rip out the samples but couldn’t rip the module from the demo. When i showcased it, lots of folks accused me that i was just playing the ripped module.
When i finally got my hands on the real module, i could see the difference. One of both modules were much less effectively assembled since one of both had a lot less patterns. I don’t know if it was my version or the original.
(A module uses up 1Kbyte per pattern, which was expensive memory estate on an Amiga that could be reused for coding effects)