Production Techniques in Renoise

I can compose my tracks but where do I learn the production side of things? Making this beautifully composed piece sound great in Renoise.

google “how to mix your track” or “music production tutorials” and you will find endless amount of tricks, tips and techniques.

but i would start with adding an EQ10 on all of your tracks, do some basic panning differences on all tracks, experiment with compressors on drums and other articulate sounds, applying reverb and delays on some tracks to make it more interesting and spacious, and just get familiar with all kinds of typical effects used in mixing. And using your ears is always more important than following “rules”.

Along with what Denim said, listen very closelt to your favourite tracks (and other tracks) by pros and try to figure out what’s going on and emulate it (reference track approach). I’ve found Deadmau5 stuff to be great for learning from, I’ve also learned a lot (kind of ironically, really) listening closely to old 808 State stuff, others are more opaque in their production approaches. Also, the demo songs that come with Renoise are useful, for e.g., learn a thing or two about mixing by just playing the demo songs while watching the Mixer page.