Production techniques that weren't popular/discovered in 90s techn


which production techniques weren’t popular/discovered in early (90-92) techno and house?

I’m thinking of…

  • snarerolls
  • white noise lifters (but reso saw downlifters)
  • sidechaining
  • reverse verbs
  • glitching!

and Wobble bass sounds, Zed growl Bass used in Gangnam style a long time ago in 2012

Necrophagist, they didn’t have that back then.

Formant Filters

how about marketing your annoying music to kids using clever adverts and sweets???
Remember Push Pops?..ummm wait, maybe that was the other way round…

timestretching didn’t pick up til 93-94…

Renoise 3.0 :smashed:

  • Autotune
  • Arpeggios of chords / bass-arp stacks (e.g.
  • Triplets
  • Snare-and-kick or clap-and-kick for a kick / tango-style drums
  • Downbeat snares without the kickdrum layered beneath them ( 2:06)
  • Multband compression
  • Pitch-shifting independent of timestretching
  • Filters in general weren’t used nearly as much, save for TB-303-style acidy stuff
  • Intentional use of LofiMat / undersampling
  • Pitched kicks
  • Supersaws / FM supersaws (grindy synths)
  • Subbass

I’m sure there’s more…

Absurd Loudness.

The bastard who began this stupidity was Ghost-Producer Maarten Vorwerk with this track;

After that… Martin Garrix followed with this;

After that… “the clones” began:

I always used to love all kinda sort of house, deep house, gabba, electro…
But since producers like above examples can have “hits” with this kinda garbage… I don’t even take the beatport top 100 seriously…

EDM “blew up” in the USA and the USA is kinda destroying the whole genre.

The whole genres of… house… and… uhm, techno

that originated where?

Good, blow 'em up, then.

how about

  1. Zed Growl Bass - you know the one that was used in Gangnam style a long time ago in 2012?

I remember when I finally figured out how to do that on my akai SO1.

I was using an Alesis SR-16 to send a constant phrase of hits and I was messing around with start points, and then EPHINANY! XD

Then I was like, dammit… this is going to be impossible to program or record, but sounded so awesome.